Beneath your skin there are dragon’s scales

Shiny and holographic, laced with gold

Occasionally on a quick movement or a start, I catch a glimpse of that gold glitter in my periphery

We’re never taught what love is, we’re shown

And we never get to decide if we’re shown well

As soon as it happens it can be gone

With nothing but the memory of a glimpse

A glimpse of glitter gold


Looking both ways

From a young age you’re taught to look both ways before you cross the street. As life goes on you’re taught to look both ways when you’re driving through an intersection. Look both ways when you’re stepping off a curb. This adds up to the idea that you should always look both ways, no matter what you’re doing. Don’t become complacent.

In every aspect of our lives we look both ways. When making a decision we weigh the pros and cons. We imagine the different outcomes. It could either go this way or that way. When we chose to love we make a conscious decision to open our hearts, or not to.

Looking both ways makes everything simpler yet more complicated.

Sometimes it’s easier just to be impulsive.