Looking both ways

From a young age you’re taught to look both ways before you cross the street. As life goes on you’re taught to look both ways when you’re driving through an intersection. Look both ways when you’re stepping off a curb. This adds up to the idea that you should always look both ways, no matter what you’re doing. Don’t become complacent.

In every aspect of our lives we look both ways. When making a decision we weigh the pros and cons. We imagine the different outcomes. It could either go this way or that way. When we chose to love we make a conscious decision to open our hearts, or not to.

Looking both ways makes everything simpler yet more complicated.

Sometimes it’s easier just to be impulsive.

I’m literally the worst

How cruel it is to live with this mind.
One so intelligent, sharp and quick witted.
One that far surpasses that of others.
One with few flaws and the ability to reflect
on ones weaknesses.
Yes I must be surrounded by bad people.
Sick people. Unfair people. Unhappy people.
Surrounded by the stupid and the cruel.
I must work a 9-6 job, 5 days a week,
where I hardly use my brain at all.

The only thing that brings me joy is learning.
How torturous it is to have this mind and let it sit dormant,
without use, until one day it wastes away and becomes
nothing at all.
Or something different entirely.