I want to tell you something.

“I want to tell you about your heart— you’ve probably been neglecting your heart—and you don’t know.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald

I think one of the most fascinating things about authors from the early 19th century and before is that the things they wrote about were so old, yet so new. Sylvia Plath wrote about depression and feelings of hopelessness. These were issues many people were facing and so reading her work brought people together, made them feel less alone. She was a pioneer of her amazing, although short lived, time on this earth. And leave it to F. Scott Fitzgerald to write a line that reverberates through time. He told us and we listened – we’ve been neglecting our hearts. And it can take a break-up, a death or even just a slightly traumatic life experience to realize the extent of neglect we’ve been putting unto ourselves.

The beautiful thing about realization is the ability to do something about it. I’ve put into action a new plan.

  • I won’t beg anyone to stay in my life, even if I love them. If they wanted to stay, they would. Simple.
  • I will give myself positive affirmations daily.
  • When I look in the mirror, even if I want to say something terrible about myself, I will smile instead and find something positive to say.
  • I won’t be so hard on myself. Seriously.
  • I am going to be more mindful. Stressing about the future is pointless. I will set a goal and work every day for it, but I won’t overwhelm myself.
  • I am going to stop fighting my brain and just accept thoughts as they come. Yes, he’s still on my mind a lot, but I’ve just been letting the thoughts of him come and go and accepting it. Peace

There’s more, but those are the main ones I am working on. Nothing like cramming your life with full-time school, full-time work, going to the gym and trying to keep your shit together. My mental break was what I needed and I am grateful for it. My feelings of hopelessness have dwindled away and I feel better than ever.

I’m back baby.

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