When I was young heartbreak felt so…permanent. A dull ache in my chest that I never thought would go away. But time and time again I was proven wrong. Heartbreak isn’t permanent, it goes away, dissipates with time. Unfortunately that doesn’t make it any simpler or ease the pain any more when it happens. That dull ache is still there, that pit in your stomach still making itself at home. Killing your appetite, your drive, and nearly bringing you to tears while living your life. With the gained wisdom to know that this too shall pass, we are forced to live in a type of prison cell of disappointment and sadness, until one day a key is thrown in and we are allowed out.

I saw nothing but tomorrows with him. Felt nothing but electricity and love when we were together. To have that ripped away from me was like stealing exactly what life is worth living for. I was falling in love with you.

Fuck. You.

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