A beautiful man.

Men write songs about beautiful women. Poems and letters too. Many books and stories are written about strong men, handsome men, tough men. But I’d like to write something about beautiful men. The men who possess a confidence that can only be achieved through a life of motivation and struggle. The beautiful men who have rough hands but a soft touch. Women are known for their soft smooth skin, but if you’ve ever felt the skin leading from a mans rib to his hip, you know it can be just as soft as any woman’s. A beautiful man knows how to love, and do so fiercely. And although his jaw may be sharp and his eyes filled with the unknown, he can speak the sweetest words. His strong back can instill a sense of safety in a woman, or another man. A beautiful man knows of his beauty, but also appreciates that of the beautiful person that chooses to stand next to him.

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