My body.

My body is sore. It is strong. It is sore because it is strong. I make it lift things, and then put them back down. Heavy things. And by doing this, my legs grow thicker, stronger, sturdier. My shoulders become harder, like stone if I flex them hard enough. Above all this, my mind gets stronger too. I have overcome, I overcame. I have been, I am. I’ve taken what I thought was my last breath. I’ve given up…I’ve started again. I’ve looked death in the face and I felt fear. There is no shame in that. But today I stand tall. I stand strong and I will stand like this until my last breath comes.

I am a body builder. I am the epitome of strength, physically. And because a forgotten mind is a useless mind, I always remember my own. Bring it on world, I’m finally ready for you.

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