It’s rare that I actually see a man I could picture myself going out with and being interested in. Maybe it’s because it’s been a while since, you know…*cough* happened but I actually saw a guy at the gym today I was stricken by. He was an older guy, which doesn’t really mean much now that I’m 29. He looked to be in his mid-30’s or perhaps later 30’s. He resembled Richard Armitage (a younger version) and he had one of the nicest bodies I’ve seen before. He was wearing clothes of course, but I couldn’t help imaging what he’d look like without them. I could swear he was looking at me too, and we made eye contact a few times. When we did, he’d look down quickly and then look back up. I have been out of the game so long it’s hard to tell whether it’s interest or just catching someones eye on accident.

Like a stalker, I’m going to the gym at the same time tomorrow with hopes that he is there again. I have no self-esteem and can’t imagine a man being interested in me, especially while I’m sweaty and lifting heavy weights at the gym. I work hard. Harder than most women there. They tend to gravitate more towards the ellipticals and treadmills, boring themselves with steady state cardio.

I feel fat most of the time, even though I carry a lot of muscle. One of these days this damn weight will fall off. In the mean time, I do hope I get to see “sexy older guy” again. Any tips on a good opening line would be awesome. Or maybe a nice compliment I can give him without coming off as creepy and weird.

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