I tend to disappear.

It’s been so long since I’ve written. I finally have a break from the insanity. I was taking 2 English classes for school this session, which is 2 classes crammed together in a 7 week program. It was a lot of writing and reading and I didn’t take any time to write anything I actually wanted to. I have a short break until my next classes start back up again. School stresses me out, just like it does everyone. Especially being a 29 year old woman with a labor intensive part-time job. It hasn’t been easy. I managed to pass all of my classes this semester with an A and I was very pleased with myself. My functioning depression has been going in and out of itself lately and hasn’t been affecting me as much the last few weeks.

The most difficult part of getting older is wondering if what you’re feeling is normal or if something is seriously wrong with you. Is it normal to not look forward to anything, yet to have the will to keep on living because you know things will start looking up soon?
Where will I be in 5 years? Germany? What if I never make it to Europe? What draws me there so much?
I need to sleep now. I picked up an extra shift tomorrow so that means an 11-12 hour day.
Good night all. I want to try to write more, even though no one reads it.

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